Saturday, September 11, 2010

Have You Forgotten...Where Were You?

The above title is in referance to two of my favorite songs about September 11, 2001. So "have your forgotten?" And, "Where were you when the world stopped turning on that Septemeber day?"

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010


What time do you go to bed and when do you get up. Is it different on the weekend or holidays?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Photo Editing

What photo editing program do you use. What are your favorite features. What things do you like to do. Do you edit all your photos?

Photo Editing

What photo editing program do you use. What are your favorite features. What things do you like to do. Do you edit all your photos?

Say Cheese

How often do you get professional portraits taken of yourself, your kids, the entire family? Do you include pets?

Say Cheese

How often do you get professional portraits taken of yourself, your kids, the entire family? Do you include pets?

Saturday, September 4, 2010


How do you organize your coupons, but the main store you shop at layout, in a box, by type?


How do you organize your coupons, but the main store you shop at layout, in a box, by type?

What is your Hair Routine?

What is your daily routine with your hair, weekly, monthly, yearly, seasonally? Like to you wash it daily, every other day, deep condition weekly? Get it trimmed every 6 weeks? Do you drastically change your style a lot, stick to a specific one. How often do you dye it, if you do?

What is your Hair Routine?

What is your daily routine with your hair, weekly, monthly, yearly, seasonally? Like to you wash it daily, every other day, deep condition weekly? Get it trimmed every 6 weeks? Do you drastically change your style a lot, stick to a specific one. How often do you dye it, if you do?

Hi there

I like to ask homemaking and parenting questions on my facebook page and figured this would be a good place to post those questions too. I hope to get a lot of answers on here :)

First question to come :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

yeah, another win

I won again, this time over at apron strings :) Well, I am now two layouts away from having all of Jan 2010 scrapped. I went ahead and ordered my Feb 2010 photos, all 250 of them!! Granted half are from my hubby's promotion, so half will go in his military album :) In the mean time I am going to work on my 2004 photos. After going through the pages I started I have Jan - April and Oct - Dec done, so that year is about half done. Doing these pictures is kind of wierd, being that Patrick is the age Jacob was. So as I see Jacob in these pictures I know which pieces of clothing I just folded or put on patrick. These are also hard photos, exspecially the ones before 20 Sept 2004. that is the day of Jacob's accident. I have to remind myself that though his head was perfect before then, he is the same boy after. The day we came home from the hospital he climbed up to the peninsila and asked for a sandwhich like he always had. he is my miracle boy and success story. Ok, onto the pages I got done yesterday. Both are sketches from camp scrap over at Big Picture :)

this is the week 1 sketch :) had just the right pictures to fit it perfectly.

and this is the week 3 sketch. I was short one picture, but the one of him by his board was the right way that once I put it on cardstock I could make it fit :) And here is that little boy 6 years later :)

Friday, July 9, 2010


My friend Lori at Apron Strings talked me into a camp scrap over at Well, there are a few social prizes where we just have to post something. I did not realize these prize contests were going on. Well the first one I participated in I won!! And it is another class that will help me get my layouts done!! I love a challange and that is what these classes and crops do for me!!

Below are layouts from both the crop at apron strings and the class at big picture.

Thurs night's scrapping was a quick one and one that took me an hour and half, and it happened to be the one that I had Lori time me on, grr. tonight I got 2 done in an hour!! Lori and jennifer were not happy that I joined them by text 2 hours later and finished 2 layouts :) I would have done one more, but my 8 year old wanted to make Elephant years with me for his daddy for our 10th anniversary tomorrow (we have dinner plans, so prob no scrapping tomorrow night).

Ok, onto the layouts.

Assignment 7 at apron strings was to take inspiration from one of our first layouts. This is my very first layout I did in Sept of 01, Alex was tdy for the first time, and I was pregant with Jacob. wonder if he regrets that tdy and the habit that grew from this first layout?

This is my updated layout, I took the triangles and the red and yellows. I also used the ribbon to mimic the straight red piece of card stock.

This is the layout that took me FOREVER. This was a preclass inspiration. We were to make a layout inspired by the colors in a hamburger, brown, yellow, green, red, and purple. There is very little purple and my red is pink, but here ya go ;-)

Assignment 8 was to use some form of media book, movie, music, etc. I try to crop my pictures in order with the challanges. The next pictures in my stack were more of the craft room that I posted on here. so I thought of an hgtv show that I love and I have this book from it. So here is my inspiration...
the finished product!!

For my camp scrap layout tonight, the first Thurs the instructor emailed another big scrapper for inspiration about summer layouts. he suggested flourishes and fun embelishments. Well, these are not summer pictures (the whole scrap in order thing), but the idea worked because I had this awesome kit from apron strings with stickers and buttons and patterned paper that worked perfectly. I also had my trusty page map notebook and found this perfect layout.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So, I just to upload the first two layouts last night, but after waiting an hour for the pictures to upload on here and nothing I gave up and went to bed. Uploaded them and a third in much less time tonight. Only got one layout done tonight, but with all the picturs and stars (that I had cut), I was done after it. I really like it though, and it was worth it. The first two are for the apron strings crop and the third is for an online class I signed up for at Big Picture.
For assignment 5, we were challanged to just use paper.

Assignment 6 was to use a circle sketch. This is very different for me, but I really like it all the same.
The long picture, I came out with the ideas, placement and what to use quickly, it was just the putting it together that took forever, ecspecially cutting out 11 stars by hand. Oh and having an adorable 8 month old interupt me constantly :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 234th Birthday America

First I want to say Happy 4th of July. We had a wonderful family day. We did not go see any fireworks, but we did get to watch the show on the Capital, NYC, Boston, and the local fireworks shows all on tv. Tonight I wish we had HD, that would have been cool to see. We did also get to see and hear the fireworks neighbors were setting off.

I also want to remind everyone to think about the families who are celebrated the 4th without their loved ones due to them serving our great country!! I know a lot of families going through this right. Saddly, Freedom is NOT Free!!

Onto my scrapping for the day. I was able to get two layouts done with interuptions and it still did not take me that long. The hardest part tonight was finding a sketch that would work. But once I did that it was smooth sailing.

Assignment number 3 was to use a tag sketch. My tag is not EXACTLY like the one on their blog, but it is very smilar, and the sketch def inspired all my choices on the tag I made. (By the way this is the organization happy land I made in the boys' bathroom, if only the rest of the house were this organized!!).

Assignment 4 was to create a monochramatic layout using red, white, or blue. I chose white, because read and blue are only minor in the photos and well they are very busy pictures. I am sure they look familiar to followers. These are the pictures I took when I began the carft room clean up. Yes I scrap just about every picture I take (don't scrap pics of scrap pages). I want my future generations to really know who I was, including, my needed a nice clean house and the process it took to get me there :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

(page kits + sketches) 2 hours = production :)

had a tough week getting into scrapping. I can't really scrap until the boys are in bed, and I keep thinking that only an hour is not enough time to get anything done. tonight both of these pages took 30 minutes each. And the second one I had to scan a medal and look up meet information. This what page kits and sketchs can do for you, they make scrapping so much quicker and productive. My favorite page kit is having another cyber crop over at The first two assignments are below :) Will get the other two for this week done tomorrow night. Am hoping to get to scrap from 10 til bed each night, if I can manage to get two pages done, including getting children in bed and nursed, I will be pretty proud of myself and make some progress!!

Assignment one was to use a sketch that was posted. the sketch had a third picture, but since I did not have a third picture I created my own :)
Assignment 2 was to use three different fonts. i did not choose these pictures, I am scrapping chronologically, the event just fit the assignment. I scanned one of Jacob's medals from the meet and then printed the meet logo and information about the child the meet is in dedication to. I then also used sticker letters, so actually have more than three fonts on the page :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Long Time No Scrap

yeah, it has been so long, and it was so much fun. I really just need to stay on a roll with it and I may actually reach my goal of catching up!! I have decided to focus on getting the boys' baby books, portrait books, and proof albums done, and then this year with challenges. I tried to scan Jacob's baby book, but my scanner wasn't picking up the colors right, so have not been able to do that. Here are the pictures for last week's apron string challenges. the first challenge was to be inspired by fashion, Patrick's shirt was my inspiration. The fridge picture is because he insisted on helping to put the groceries away and let's just say he insisted things belonged where most people would not put them. In the other two he is cutting up his "nana" with his play silver ware he just got for Christmas.
Wednesdays are always a sketch challenge. for this one I was actually one picture short. So the last two photos are actually one, I cut the photo in half and then cropped each half to size :) Jacob loves making smores, so Alex fired up the grill and they had smores, he was a happy boy :)

And Friday is 5 for Friday, we had to use, red, orange, or yellow card stock. patterned paper with circles or waves, trim, epoxy sticker, and metal embellishment. These are pictures I took after I took Robert's 2 month photos. Patrick wanted his picture taken too. He was not happy with just a few photos though. For the most part he is 100% sweet ;-)
Hope to have lots more pictures to post in the near future!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Been a while

Wow has it been a while and well I haven't cleaned or scrapped in that time either. I am hoping to do more scrapping this month since my fav scrap blog,, is having another cyber crop. One of the chllanges is "our" hometown, I put our in quotes because this is only my temporary home, as Carrie puts it so well ;-) Anyway, the first challange is to post a picture of our home, so here it is.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I won the big prize for the challange I was doing woo hoo. Just what I needed after sending my son to school sick and having to go get him. I didn't realize he was that sick, just thought it was because he hadn't eatten breakfast and didn't eat a good dinner. I also had to deal with a crabby hubby. They both seem better and I won, woo hoo :) Oh and Robert found his feet, and Patrick lost Robert's paci, but he has gone to sleep fine without it as long as I nurse a little before. So for a bad day, it was pretty good :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Was a late night, but I got them done!!

For day 16 we were to use at least 4 photo corners, with two not used in the traditional way. 3 of mine are arrows to my kitty, since he is so small in the pictures.

Day 17 was to use a die cut, so I used my dinosaur die cut :)

Day 18 was to use at least two different alphabet stickers, I used 4 :)

Day 19 was to use some form of chipboard.

And the last one, day 20, was to use themed paper in a non-traditional way :)
Am glad to be done, to say the least. Love doing cyber crops, need to try and do the layouts daily though. Need to get back to my personal cropping goal!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Am trying to get my Feb crop with Apron Strings Designs done. I didn't get them all done within their weeks. Though, week three I did and won a prize :). This is the completion of week 2. Because I needed to find my eyelet setter for challange 6, I did get more cleaning done too.

this is challange 10, we were to use Valentine paper. Don't we look so young ;-)

Challange 9 was to use holiday paper, look at my hubby 10 years ago.

felt shapes for challange 8, these are felt letters. I loved having my dolls and stuffed animals model, I have more layouts coming.

12 eyelets, the layout that got me to clean some more. This is my mommy :)

What I have left to go through, and there is actually a row missing now, will take another pic when I get back to work there. Just finished layout 16, need to finish 4 more tonight so I will have them all done :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

week 3 of stash challange.

here are my week three challanges for the apron string designs stash cyber crop. I got them all done this evening in about 3 hours :) Kits and sketches are awesome, and being organized helps.

for day 11 we had to use two frames and one could not be around a picture.

for day 12 we had to use three different punches

For day 13 we had to use stickers

not sure why this one is sideways, but for day 14, we had to have one large element

day 15 was three rub ons, my rub ons were cracking bad, but I got them to work. One is on the center picture on the left page, 2nd is partially on the top picture on the right page, and above the bottom right picture on the right page.

I did not realize that my selection of kits was getting so low, I have 22 kits left, and these are not full kits, but maybe 1 or 2 layouts a kit. So though I didn't get them all used up, and doubt I will by Fri (hubby's pinning), I did battle a month of sickies and him being gone and still worked on my scrap stuff when I could. Now I need to make gets out of my tons of embelishments I have. But to reward myself, I am going to start getting the smaller than a breadbox from apron strings designs again :) I am also going to set a new goal, and that is to use the kit as soon as I get it, and not let it sit around like these ones did (the newest was from 06).

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Treasure Hunt #2

this is my happy of the day, we weren't supposed to have pets, but she cuddles with me when I am on the couch, she is right now too, so my non pet is facebook, it is my connection to the outside world and friends from my past and present.

the shoes I wear and I do run outside without them and take shoes off to drive, honestly if I could I would go barefoot ALL the time.

what we had for dinner tonight, taco pie.

candid shot, the one least likely to wake from the flash and the one I don't take a lot of pictures like this anymore.

Treasure Hunt

Image outside my back dorr late at night, wow, didn't realize it was froggy out

my scrap space, or part of it.

my old bed, I got to the treasure hunt late and well, am sure hubby didn't want to be woken by the flash.
ugliest thing in my house, pile of laundry with my disaster of a garage.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Man has it been a long week, my younger two are the sick ones now, hopefully we are all getting over all this illness. Am hoping to get another page or two scrapped tonight and uploaded, am behind on the challanges for my cyber crop, but working on it. Here are the two that I already got done this evening.

well on my computer this layout was the correct way, oh well. This is day six we were to use three of our oldest pattern papers together.

Here is day five, using 8 blossoms.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

only one

With Jacob home sick from school I didn't get much cleaning done, I did get the front room done though :) This is day 4's layout for the apron strings blog challange. We were to use at least 5 buttons and 5 brads.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

update and begin scrapping

Even though I am not done with cleaning up, I have begun scrapping. I did go through a box and found a gift card to the home depot I had thought I lost :) These three layouts took me about 2.5 hours because I used sketches and kits, those are my magic :) if you want to take part in the stash challange head on over to, :)

This was from day three of the apron string blog challange. We were to use three different ribbons on our layout. This is from when the Vikings Cheerleaders came to the BX on base.

Day number 2, use three different fonts. This is a photo of the rainbow we saw in Scotland and of a garden in a castle in Scotland.

For day 1 we were to use our oldest stash. This is from a Nov 05 kit. This is outside Edinburgh Castle.