Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Am trying to get my Feb crop with Apron Strings Designs done. I didn't get them all done within their weeks. Though, week three I did and won a prize :). This is the completion of week 2. Because I needed to find my eyelet setter for challange 6, I did get more cleaning done too.

this is challange 10, we were to use Valentine paper. Don't we look so young ;-)

Challange 9 was to use holiday paper, look at my hubby 10 years ago.

felt shapes for challange 8, these are felt letters. I loved having my dolls and stuffed animals model, I have more layouts coming.

12 eyelets, the layout that got me to clean some more. This is my mommy :)

What I have left to go through, and there is actually a row missing now, will take another pic when I get back to work there. Just finished layout 16, need to finish 4 more tonight so I will have them all done :)

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  1. well, I am at about 20 kits in all, will need to count them to see for sure. and well, I didn't really set an amount for photos. Would like to get my school age (K - 8) album done and then move onto my first hs. Need to finish up the cleaning and get a move on the sketches. I am behind in that area, but the crop has helped some.