Wednesday, February 3, 2010

update and begin scrapping

Even though I am not done with cleaning up, I have begun scrapping. I did go through a box and found a gift card to the home depot I had thought I lost :) These three layouts took me about 2.5 hours because I used sketches and kits, those are my magic :) if you want to take part in the stash challange head on over to, :)

This was from day three of the apron string blog challange. We were to use three different ribbons on our layout. This is from when the Vikings Cheerleaders came to the BX on base.

Day number 2, use three different fonts. This is a photo of the rainbow we saw in Scotland and of a garden in a castle in Scotland.

For day 1 we were to use our oldest stash. This is from a Nov 05 kit. This is outside Edinburgh Castle.


  1. Your pages are wonderful. You did a fantastic job.

    My pages are kind of simple. I just started doing it last year.

    Yours have got me wanting to get mine out and work on it!!

  2. Thanks Amy, you need to check out the blog link and see the sketches that inspire me, without the sketches mine are quite simple too. I did use my own take on them, but still.

    I am so glad I am inspiring people to scrap :) It is my second favorite craft, sewing is my first.