Friday, January 15, 2010

My goals for the year

So, as the New Year was approaching I decided that I want to focus on my scrapbooks. I am years behing and have 3 boys that I want to preserve not just their memories, but mine. I feel my calling in life is to lead my family to God, make memories with them, and preserve those memories. So, I want to get caught up on those albums that I am way behind on.

At first I just made the big goal to scrap traditionally with all the pictures that I already have brint and digitaly with those that I have not. For my digital I am using the Creative Memories ( and Stampin Up ( programs. I also made the goal to scan all my current pages I have done and get them on disks, so that if for some reason they need to be replaced or duplicated I have them.

Yesterday (since it is the middle of the night as I type this) I decided to put more detail into my goals. On the digital front I would like to do a month a week to get caught up (beginning Jan 09). On the traditional front, I used to get kits from Apron Strings Designs ( and would like to get them again. My husband promotes on 1 Mar, so I figure if I can use up the bulk of my supplies I have now (which is a LOT), then I can start ordering the Bigger than a Breadbox kit monthly. Then if I achieve my goal by the end of the year I will add the smaller than a breadbox kit.

My secret to quick scrapbooking when I get on a roll is kits and sketches. I am going to use as my inspiration. I do not like to repeat and have not used her sketches in the past. So I will begin with her earliest sketches (Jan 2005) and do a month of sketches a week (roughly 10 a month).

I have started this blog so that hopefully I can get some followers who will help cheer me on through the process. My first step is to totally clean and organize my craft room (I also sew and do cross stitch, amongs other small things). So tomorrow I plan to "gut" the room of all stuff into the family room, minus the bed (it is also a guest room) and go from there.

I hope to upload pictures to show my progress. I do also plan to upload my layouts. I have completed 26 digital layouts so far this year and will try to begin uploading them later today, as I do need to go to bed, I have 3 young boys that will wake up early even if their mommy was crazy and stayed up late ;-)


  1. I am here to cheer you on. RAH RAH RAH

  2. Good LUCK!!!! I can't wait to see what you come up with. I need to get scrappin too!

  3. Yay Maggie! you can DO this!!! I consistantly scrap a lot, and what i can tell you is to enjoy the process, to relish every memory you scrap and to get creative, allow your scrappy time to be your creative outlet, if you do that you'll HAVE to scrap a lot :-)

  4. Mrs Rooster, thank you :)

    Tami, thanks, maybe some people will click on your link :)

    Rebecca, when I do scrap I do do exactlly what you said and yes it does make it a very enjoyable process :)

  5. I'm following you now, Maggie! Hugs!

  6. Thanks Karla :)
    Shari, I figure people are going to ask, so wanted to link to you and Tami now and plan to often :) Need to give credit where credit is due :)

  7. Okay - so did you get your room gutted? Inquiring minds need to know. :)

  8. Lori, take a look at the pictures posted last night and tonight :)