Monday, January 18, 2010

Done for the day

Look at how far I have gotten!!

Some stuff is still on the bed needing to be put away, and yes I do have to stack some boxes on the floor, no room other wise, but as I use things up those will go down too :)

another angle, not entirely dif, though I did rearrange the book shelf a little

the closet I have talked about but haven't shown.

Man, I am done for today, I am just hitting burn out on it for the day and don't want all together or I may just move the stuff back in there as is. I wanted to show pics of the room to show that I wasn't just throwing the stuff back in there, but was organizing it with what I have :)
I am hoping to get to scrap some tonight since I have everything I need to get to :)
Will be back at it tomorrow.
22 month old is trying to empty the dishwasher, better get to it.

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