Friday, April 29, 2011

My son verified why I chose this blog name...

Last name after my son's baseball game I asked him to put his uniform in the wash. I made sure to get the clothes in the drier tonight so that he would have a dry uniform for tomorrow morning's game...

Well, when I went to rotate all I saw was the socks that I put in there!!!

I went and looked in his room and his belt was on the floor and his pants crumpled in his drawer. No shirt to be found.

As I went to change out the popcorn I am making for snacks I saw it on the family room floor, inside out and because it did not make the wash it has pizza sauce on it.

Ugh, I feel the only way to keep that child clean is if I clean up after him. And he made the comment that if he shared his room with his brother that his brother would make a mess. HA (and he is 9, the older one!!)

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