Sunday, July 10, 2011

Overnight Fig Cakes ~ Deployment Project #9

This is another project from the Egyptians and Their Neighbor's book. They cakes actually turned out pretty good, Jacob wasn't a fan. Because they used Barley flour they had a beer taste to them.
mixing the dough by hand, it used both whole wheat and barley flour.
next we split the dough into three and rolled them into long logs.
Rolling the dough up like an Elephant Ear, as Jacob put it and placing on a plate to rise over night.
The finished product, the dough was sticky, so we used a lot of flour, which I think definately affected the final taste.

Patriotic Wreath 1 - Deployment Project # 8

My mom mentioned wanting to get some seasonal wreaths for their door, so when I went to get Jacob's needed project supplies I picked up some stuff to make a wreath for them too. They already had the flag that I used in the middle and the glue gun I used to keep it all secure. Look at that Patriotic boy (and another good picture, not sure what over came him!! but I love it).

Egyptian Sailboat Deployment Project # 7

Another history project from the Egyptians and Their neighbors book was an Egyptain Sail Boat, I can't believe he smiled twice and isn't hiding behind the boat for the pictures!!

Wash Like An Egyptian - deployment project #6

So, I am counting school projects as a part of my 100 days, well because most are crafts, and I enjoy them just as much, if not more than Jacob. this one is from Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors: An Activity Guide by Marian Broida. The next few are actually from this book :)

filling the first bucket with cold hose water (not sure why my pictures are side by side, having way too many issues with blogspot to try and fix it.)

Putting the dirty clothes into the hose water.
mixing together the laundry ingredients. We had to make our own washing soda, because it could not be found in CO!! So we cooked some baking soda, which I guess ups the alkaline in it.
adding VERY hot watter to bucket two.
Pouring the laundry mix into the bucket of VERY hot water
transferring the clothes to the soapy water.
stirring the clothes in the water, puts a new spin on spin cycle ;-)
he had to do this for a little while, so decided to do it sitting.
dumping the dirty wash water.
beating out the soapy water on the over turned bucket that had water in it before with a wooden spoon.
the clothes out to dry. Though the grape juice did not come out from washing the clothes this way, once put in the regular wash it totally came out, so this is a good prewash :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

camera cords, wreaths, scrap challanges

So, this was going to talk about my camera and my wreaths, and my goals, but with 6 double layouts, I think this post will be long enough just talking about those!! So, deployment project number 13 (in progress, I don't think each page should count as a project!! may go by year, since next months scrap project is a bigger time span, not sure). I absolutely love Apron String Designs scrap kits. They make scrapping so much quicker, and well the owner Lori rocks and it is based out of CO, so it perfect :) Anyway, over on her blog,, for the month of July, she is having an out with the old, in with the new scrap challange, which fits perfectly with my personal scrap challange for myself this month. To scrap any pictures that are left from when I met my husband to the birth of our oldest child. 2001 is done, so it is really only a year and half worth of pictures (next month is from that child to our next, they are almost 6 years apart, and only about 2 or 3 years (if even) are done!! Here are the first 6 challanges :)
the first challange was to use my oldest summer kit with my newest metalic embelishments. The way I store my scrapbook stuff, I have no clue what is newer and what is older. So, I just combined a summery kit, with some metalic embelishments :)
The right side of the Catholic Cadet Chapel.
The second challange was to scrap using red, white, and blue, since it was posted on Monday the 4th of July :) Being that I had a bunch of pictures of my new Cadet boyfriend and his classmates I already had a layout pulled with those colors in mind :)
and the right side, you see that hot cadet, there is that squadren, near the middle, no that one, haha, no clue where he is out there!! I may have known which group when taking it, maybe he can remember 12 years later :)
The third challange was to mix two kits. Since I had already pulled pictures and kits, I had one double page that was actually two single layouts, with two different, but it so happens, coordinating kits, so there we go, challange done :) These are my first photos of my handsome husband 12 years ago, 11 years married today (July 10, 2011, day I am editing this post, not sure what date blogspot will give it when done :) ).
The second kit. that is my little brother dressed like an alien batboy :)
The fourth challange was to take a non-summery kit and use it with "newer" photos. This kit, when I pulled it, I just thought old fashioned, not summer, this why I put it with Mt Vernon photos. When using the coordinating sides it does look more summery. These photos are "newe" in relation to my birth. I am determined to complete all the photos from the time I met Alex until our oldest was born, so "newer" is relative. BUt the main goal of the entire challange is to use up our stash :) This layout had a very simpl sketch, I did add the flowers and chip board to give it a little more.
And the right side of a very simple layout...
The fifth challange was to mix up kits or scrap supplies. NOne of my kits worked for this layout, which does not happen often since I have quite the stash. But I did have the elements that would, what can I say, I love baseball. The cardstock was from Apron Strings, the pattern paper is from when Scenic Route was closing up shop. No clue about the ribbon, prob and Apron String left over (there is two kits ;-). And the baseball stickers were in my stash. Being a mom I tend to get away from things I love, even with a baseball loving son, but scrapping this page really made me smile. That is twice this year I have been reminded of my love for this game :)
The right side :)
The sixth challange was to use an older kit with five elements in it, cardstock, patterned paper, buttons, ribbon, and chip board, and to add two other elements. None of my pulled kits had chipboard, so the cork circles were the closes thing. I used some Close to My Heart Ribbon and a green paper flower I had in a left over stash from a different kit.
This is the right side of the layout. You can't really see the title, but it says Jewish and Protestant Cadet Chapels. this is what happens when you don't put stuff away right, you can't find the best for the job and with a dead line for a challange I had to go with what I did have easy access to.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Got to craft will post pictures later - Deployment projects #6 and #7

Jacob and I did some crafting together and i did a project on my own. He and I made a model of an old Egyptian boat for his history work. It turned out real cute.

When I went to get the items that were missing for his boat, I also picked up some stuff to make a patriotic wreath for my parents. It is similar to my spring one, but is red, white, and blue Daisy's with an American Flag in the center.

Can't wait to get home, cuddle with my kitty, enjoy my milk, eggs, and produce created as God intended and craft :) Go home tomorrow :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Found mypatriotic wreath idea!!

I saw it on etsy!! It is similar to my St Patrick's Day one, you would think that I would have already decided this. But up until today I didn't want another rag wreath. Then I was just looking at AF things on Etsy and saw a rag wreath made of ABU (uniform) material. I LOVED!!!! it!!!!!! But knowing I can make it I am not willing to pay $45. I am going to make it with BDU fabric instead since my husband still wears all his abu uniforms and I did get some blue AF fabric, and red with gold stars to embelish it. I also got a Freedon sign like my Irish sign. I can't wait to get home on Sun (maybe Mon, we have a late flight) and make it to have up just in time for the 4th. I had actually wanted a wreath for Memorial Day, but amglad I waited. this one will be up through Patriat Day (9-11) or longer, depending on when I get my Halloween one done...